Barcelona Observatory

Economic Promotion is the instrument used to design and execute the public policies of Barcelona City Council in aspects related to the economic promotion of the city and the policies used to attract companies and talented professionals.

The objectives of the Office for Economic Promotion can be summarised around four areas of activity: overseas promotion of the area of Barcelona in order to attract more economic activity; the management of investment projects and business initiatives; the study, analysis and promotion of the economic reality of Barcelona and the promotion and monitoring of platforms for public-private collaboration in strategic sectors.

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is a public law corporation and one of the most representative institutions of Catalan civil society as well as a first class point of reference for the countrys socio-economic sector.

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce carries out activities of general interest aimed at favouring the promotion of economic and business activities of the country as a whole as well as indirectly favouring each individual company.

The common objective of both institutions is to promote the image of Barcelona in the world, within the economic, cultural, social and sporting areas. To achieve these aims, they promote and actively participate in initiatives aimed at attracting the headquarters and major international events, the preparation and dissemination of information about the city and the transfer of knowledge and experience from the city to other countries around the world.

    • Promoted by the FBP. and the Barcelona Town Council; 50% financed by private sponsors.
    • Objective: Benchmarking of cities around the World through 31 indicators (e.g. economic activity, business climate, quality of life, infrastructures).
  • City-based information.
  • Indicators produced by external, prestigious institutions, both public and private.
  • Sector and global analysis of the current position of the city.