16:00 - 19:00

I FBP Workshop


The I FBP Workshop took place on the 11th of May, 2015, in the Terra Room of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Spain.

Mary Papaschinopoulou, Director of the Representation to the EU of the Association of North German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, drove the session, titled CD – Corporate Diplomacy for Spanish Companies in Brussels.

List of attendants

  • Miquel Valls, President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • Narcis Bosch, Managing Director of the Catalonia Chambers of Commerce Council
  • Xavier Coronas, Secretary General of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • Roser Salvat, Marketing, Communication & Strategy of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • Jaume Fradera, Presidential Cabinet of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • Joan Ramon Rovira, Manager of the Economic Studies and Infrastructures Cabinet of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
  • Anwar Zibaoui, Manager of the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Ramon Masià, Executive Vice-president of the FBP
  • Lluis Puig, Manager of Eurofil SL and Member of the Board of the Plus Europe Association
  • Eugenia Marti, Innovation Manager of Barcelona Centre de Disseny
  • Carolina Teworte, Brussels Liaison Officer of FBP
  • Mario Ferrer, Treasurer of Plus Europe
  • Esteve Baqué, Cooperative General Manager of EBE i Associats
  • Carlos Duelo, Director of Institutional Relations of Cirsa
  • Ivan Olivella, Programme Manager of Gutmar
  • Carles Guilera, Director General of Gilera
  • Santiago García Mila, Assistant Director-General for Strategy and Marketing of Port de Barcelona
  • José Luis Bonet, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and President of Freixenet
  • José María Torres, President of Numintec
  • Alejo Trullas,  Director of Barcelona Nautical Cluster
  • Eduardo Antoja, Senior Partner & CEO of Intrepid Consult (CIRSA)


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