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Dual vocational training in Hamburg


 Dual vocational training in Hamburg and Bonn

The Hamburg and Bonn Chambers of Commerce are demanding apprentices to study German dual vocational training.

The Dual FP is a vocational training model that combines training in the company and at school. The companies are in charge of the most practical part of the training and the schools of the most theoretical and transversal. The relationship between the company and the student is established through a contract regulated by state regulations (paid work activity).

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  1. Fill out the registration form </ strong>
  2. Information Day at the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona on Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 10 am – Avgda Diagonal 452 – Barcelona. If you are interested in filling out the following documents: – Curriculum Vitae Letter of Request / Interest in Profile professional
  3. Pre-selection of candidates by the Hamburg and Bonn Chamber of Commerce
  4. Selection of candidates by German companies

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