EU Corporate Diplomacy

Consulting and Guidance Services for Companies

The Fundació Barcelona Promoció (FBP), a foundation of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Group, offers a tailor made consulting and guidance services for Spanish companies in general and Catalan companies in particular, with the objective to take better advantage of the opportunities in foreign markets and of the shaping the EU policy.


The FBP was created in 1987 in order to promote the candidature of the City of Barcelona for the organization of the XXV Olympic Games that were celebrated in 1992. After this very successful event, the former Fundació Barcelona Olimpica was renamed as Fundació Barcelona Promoció. Currently, the heads of the FBP are at the same time members of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the President being Miquel Valls, who is also the President of the Chamber, and the Executive Vice-President being Ramon Masi.

Services offered by the FBP

Commercial Activities in new Markets

The single market of the European Union offers small and medium sized companies (SMEs) an opportunity to extend their market share, relying on the advantage of the huge and stable European market. However, even if there are no customs any more, many companies consider this European market to be a very difficult market, mainly due to informal entry barriers such as different languages and business cultures.

The FBP is fully integrated into the European system of Chambers of Commerce and can offer short-time ad hocai consulting services for companies wishing to enter selected EU markets.

In particular, we give support in:

  • Analyzing export potentials in specific markets
  • Determining the best sales channels for your products
  • Searching customers, importers or distributors

And also in:

  • Finding and building the contact to new customers
  • Facilitating the best logistics
  • Assessing the best means of agreements and payment

This activity, launched by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, has a strong practical focus. Hence, it is not limited to providing you market studies and recommendations, but puts the theoretical conclusions of these studies into practice. In doing so we work closely together with the contracting company and in accordance with your interests and objectives.

Corporate Diplomacy

This programme aims at approaching Spanish companies to the relevant associations and institutions of the European Union in Brussels, such as the European Commission and the European Parliament.

(A) Institutional Representation

  • A The FBP facilitates the access to the institutions of the European Union (Commission and Parliament) and gives advice on cooperation possibilities.

(B) Follow up of the Evolution of EU Policies

  • Maximize your companies success being aware of policies currently underway

(C) Approaching the Network of Chambers on a European (and global) Level

  • Access to associations that are relevant for your business, in regions and sectors where you wish to maximize your influence

We offer support in order to establish a profesional representation of your company interests in selected associations


A small team of experienced senior consultants will get into contact with your company in order to:

  1. get to know your organization, your management team, your corporate strategy, your comercial strategy, your products and composition of sales.
  2. analyze these parameters, as well as your specific objectives and needs as a basis to create the necessary contacts in the target markets and to achieve your potential in these markets.

We offer our services in cooperation with professionals who are members of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce of FBP or work as independant consultants. Moreover, we benefit from the vast network of contacts and cooperation agreements between the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and other European Chambers. Therefore, our services can directly profit from the international relations and the high quality services offered by the Chambers of Commerce.

We are glad to support you doing business in Europe. Our aim is to cooperate tighly and on a personal basis with you in order to assess your interests, needs and objectives and to achieve the greatest advantages for your company.

The FBP is based in Barcelona and holds a permanent office in one of the most central quarters in Brussels, in the immediate vicinity of the European institutions.

The Costs of our Services

The FBP will provide an estimate of costs in order to cover the necessary activities to introduce and position your company in the new target markets.

This cost estimate is usually composed of a fixed all-in fee that serves to cover the expenses on the part of the FBP so as to achieve the agreed objectives, and a variable fee on a commission basis for the effective sales obtained in the new markets or with the new customers.

On the one hand, this concept aims at establishing a right balance between your company and the FBP in a way that you can push forward your internationalisation at reasonable costs, while the FBP does not have to come up for costs that would actually occur for the company if you acted on your own account. On the other hand, the variable fee corresponds to the additional compensation achieved with the sales increase thanks to the new clients or in the new markets.