EU Corporate Diplomacy

EU Corporate Diplomacy

EU Corporate Diplomacy is an accompanying program performed by the FBP in order to approximate a client enterprise to the main institutions of the European Union (Commission and Parliament) as well as to Associates located in Brussels. Thereby, changing trends in the sector, frameworks of laws and potentially conflicting interests can be identified and anticipated. Together with the client, the FBP contacts European institutions and aims at the development of a continuous and silent medium-term policy that strengthens the credibility and influence of the company in selected priority areas.

Institutional representation

The FBP has an office in Brussels, located in the headquarters of the House of Spain, Rue du Luxembourg 19, very close to the European institutions, which optimizes the use of time and effort for our client companies.

Use of the European network of Chambers of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona has direct access to all Chambers of Commerce, Eurochambres, and the European Union. In addition, the FBP maintains even closer relationships with a select number of European Chambers through bilateral agreements.

This allows you to access a sectoral organization related to their business activity in those areas where it wants to increase its commercial presence, while having qualified professionals that can continuously represent your interests against these institutions and associations.