Origins and brief history

The Fundació Barcelona Promoción (FBP) was created in 1987, coinciding with the success of the candidature of the City of Barcelona to organize the XXV Olympic Games of 1992. Promoted by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the FBP received principal support of both the main institutions of the City and the business sector, as well as most of the representative associations.

The main purpose of the FBP is to promote the image of the City of Barcelona all over the world, mainly in the economic and social respects. In order to achieve its objectives the FBP develops three lines of activity:

  • A Corporate Diplomacy guidance service in Europe
  • International business support as a facilitator promoting foreign direct investment.
  • Worldwide promotion of the City of Barcelona.

What we do

The main objective of the FBP is to promote business and FDI in both directions, in-bound and out-bound, encouraging an active participation of the Spanish companies in the EU and international markets.

How we work

Our activity as a facilitator follows a strict method that consists in:

  1. Information compilation through our international network: multilateral organizations and the representative office in Brussels.
  2. Identification of the target country and sector taking into account the Spanish companies’ comparative advantages.
  3. Field exploration: visit to the target country. Contact with the relevant companies, local governs, public institutions and private agencies.  Search for a suitable local business partner.
  4. Information exchange among previously selected companies. Dissemination through a seminar or round table with experts in the field and a selected audience.
  5. Matching the business project and the qualified company, with the scope to make a long term and responsible investment.
  6. Visit of the target country with a delegation.
  7. Follow-up service.

Multilateral organizations

From the beginning of the 2000s, the FBP maintained strong collaborative relations with the principle multilateral finance organizations.  For instance, the FBP played the role of the World Bank’s Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) promoting the multilateral activities through the Spanish companies.

Today, our aim is to serve as a bridge between multilateral organizations and potential investors. We focus on reducing the geographical distance and spreading the great opportunities that the multilaterals offer to Spanish companies, in particular in developing countries.

In collaboration with the International Department of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona), the FBP cooperates very closely with the multilaterals that are ready to act to following the organizations strategy.

The FBP’s international activity will intensify in the following years in order to create an extensive international network and strengthen our role as a facilitator.