Consultancy in New European Markets

Ad Hoc” Consulting in New European Markets

The internal market of the European Union provides midsize companies an opportunity to be better deployed throughout the entire EU territories and thus to expand sales beyond traditional markets. The FBP will help taking the advantage that is provided by the freedom of movement of people, goods, services and capital.

The FBP, integrated into the European System of Chambers of Commerce, provides “ad hoc” consulting services in any of the EU member states which helps business customers:

to analyze their export potential into markets where currently there is no presence,
to determine the sales channel that best suits their products, and
to search direct customers or distributors / importers.

This consulting service, employed by the FBP with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona and other European Chambers, is not limited to studies and recommendations, but has an immediate and practical relation to the interests of the contracting company.